Corporate info

Headquartered at Wenzhou of Zhejiang Province, Huadi International Group Co., Ltd. was incorporated on September 27, 2018 under the laws of the Cayman Islands. We primarily conduct our business through our subsidiary Huadi Steel Group Co., Ltd. which was established in 1998 under the laws of PRC. Our main business operation focuses on new products development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of stainless steel seamless pipes, tubes and stainless steel bar.

We are a leading manufacturer of industrial stainless steel seamless pipes and tubes products with extensive distribution facilities and network for over twenty (20) provinces in China. We have also offered a broad range of products exported to twenty (20) countries and regions such as United States, Mexico, Thailand, Australia, Argentina, Taiwan, India, the Philippines, UAE and Canada. Our products are widely used in the oil & gas transmission, chemistry engineering, food processing, medical devices, aeronautics and astronautics, boiler, irrigation works construction, electricity, automobile, naval architecture, paper mill and mechanical industries. Our facilities have been certified with the ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality management systems.

We are a nationally-recognized brand and our company has a big presence across domestic and international steel pipes industry with enhanced market prospects. Our core product “HuaGang” stainless steel seamless pipe has been recognized as well-known trademark by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of China. We have been rewarded as China Top 500 Private Manufacturing Enterprises, High-Tech Enterprise of Zhejiang, Prestigious Brand of Zhejiang Province, Technology Innovation Model Company, Distinguished Enterprise for Employment as well as National AAA Grade Enterprise with distinctive rating of corporate credit status of PRC recorded with the People’s Bank of China.

 We offer a comprehensive range of products to provide the benefits of a “design-build shop” to approximately 400 steel pipe and tube customers with numerous customer relationships of over 15 years in length. We produce over 3,000 distinct pipe and tube products in a broad range of materials, sizes and shapes and we believe we are the one of the leading producers in China of certain steel products, such as automotive 304L and 347H stainless steel pipes which are widely used in hydraulic mechanisms, automotive applications such as brake systems, steering columns and axles, and various other industrial applications. Consequently, we are able to customize our product offerings based on customers’ project demand, whether it’s highly corrosive environment such as chemical waste transmission line pipe or extremely pressured thermal power generator pipe, or mix of both, we can make it and deliver on time.